Community Doulas is dedicated to nurturing you and your family with the care and support you deserve in your postpartum journey. We provide morning into early afternoon support, and night time support. These times can be the more difficult hours of the day for a new family. Daytime 9am – 1pm
Night time 8pm – 1am
 A combination of daytime and night time support can be discussed, should you and your family require it.  

As every family is different and will have different support needs, Community Doulas will discuss with you what level of support and care would be right for your family.  

The cost of the service is €30 an hour.

We can support you from the very early newborn days, right through the fourth trimester, and beyond, should you feel you require it.

Each of our Community Doulas have different levels of availability.  Please do get in touch with us to discuss your support requirements to best meet your needs.

We can arrange to get to you at short notice if you feel you need immediate support and reassurance.  Give us a call.