Community Doulas are Dona International trained and passionate about supporting your family in your postpartum journey throughout the fourth trimester*.

Through our emotional, practical and informational support in the first weeks after your baby is born, Community Doulas empower and build confidence within your family, helping you to learn to trust your instincts.

Use evidence based information to assist with;

Nonjudgmental Support

We will be there to offer compassionate non-judgemental support, based on current best practice. This will help increase your confidence in your decisions in the newborn weeks.

Food Preparation

We can make some of your favourite nutritious snacks, as well as delicious meals to ensure the whole family is nourished.

Understanding Baba

Newborns like to be kept close and warm over their fourth trimester, and are born with ways of letting us know what they need. We can help you to understand your baby’s hunger and tiredness cues so you can respond to them while everyone is calm.

Help Around The Home

While you concentrate on resting and recovering, we can help with organising and tidying general areas, set you up with an online food shopping service, and/or organise your laundry.

Recovery After Birth

We will care for you after birth, and be there to nurture you. ‘Lying-in’ is (somewhat) a lost tradition in much of western society, and one that we believe is integral to a mother's recovery after birth.

Newborn Care

Welcoming a newborn can be pretty daunting - we can be there to help you find your way through those first nappy changes, baths and feeds. We can help set up station’s around your home, with useful tips and tricks we’ve collected over the years.


Sometimes, seeing a friendly face and having a listening ear can help you to enjoy the first weeks. When we leave your home, we bring our conversations away with us in confidence. We can simply be there with you - and we love making tea!

Sibling Adjustment

A new baby changes the dynamic within the family. This can be a challenge for older siblings; their world is turned upside-down! We can be the extra pair of hands you may need to help everyone adjust.

Doulas understand that becoming a parent can be harder than you might have expected. You may find yourself feeling isolated, and challenged in ways that you didn’t anticipate.  With our experience and local knowledge we can connect you and yours to avenues of support in your community. We are here to mother you and nurture you.

We consider ourselves truly honoured to be with families at such an intimate and special time in your lives.
*The fourth trimester is the three months after the baby is born.  It is a time when the mother is healing and the baby is adjusting to life earth side. Until now your baby has been cocooned inside you, next to your heart – with all their needs instantly met.  The more responsive we are to the baby’s needs, the more responsive the babies are to us. A family needs to get to know each other and this takes time.